File Cards – file manager with productivity in mind

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See whole your computer at a glance

With File Cards you will be able to see all your important folders as the cards in the one view and easily navigate to the new ones. It will help you to stay organized, productive and more tidy.

File Cards screenshot

Great place to start the work

Add any file to the new items panel as a template and use it to create new files in the cards.
New items panel screenshot

Item type filter that works across the cards

Looking for that excel file and you know that it is in one card, just have hard time to find which one? Now it is easy, just apply the item type filter across the cards and you will easily see just those cards that have excel files.
filter screenshot

Look through subfolders

You know that file is in some subfolder, but don’t know which one? Now just one click makes that folder flat showing the contents of all subfolders.

Search as it should be

Just take a look at the picture. The search as it should be.

search screenshot

Receive anything to your cards

You love sharing from Windows 8 apps? File cards is a great app to receive and save any content. Save shared texts and images as a new file in some of the cards that represent your folders, or move or copy shared files and folders into them.

Receiva page

Built with productivity in mind

Keyboard shortcuts implemented, works great for both touch and mouse!

Navigate among the large number of folders with Zoomed out view

If you have dozens of folders, it might be hard to scroll to the right one. But there is the Zoomed out view for that.

Download from Windows Store