• A new desktop

    Posted on November 17, 2012 by ivanadmin in Desk & Archive.

    Probably the first thing you’ll notice in Desk & Archive is a new desktop. Here is the logic and science behind it.

    Classic Windows desktop is unstructured and spatial. Desk & Archive desktop is structured and non-spatial.

    Unstructured means that you can hold everything on the desktop. In Desk & Archive you cannot hold shortcuts to folders or programs on desktop, making it more structured as those items are displayed elsewhere. Also, Desk & Archive strongly discourages you from storing any template items and frequently used items on the desktop as you cannot apply some commands on them, while they fit much better in other concepts used in the application. In Windows you can store any item on the desktop, it is equally capable (or incapable) for storing different type of times, and in practice most people do keep different things on the desktop. Still, unstructured organization is usual for new organizations as they don’t have enough experience to find best practices and hold onto them. It seems like the message from Microsoft is that they don’t know how users are using desktop – users can use it for whatever they want it, but it also means that their usual workflow is not supported by the system. Desk & Archive thinks it knows business users – desktop is the place to keep an eye on work in progress documents and folders. It is fully customized for it.

    Non-spatial desktop is a direct consequence of structured desktop. The logic of spatial desktop is that people have the ability to remember where things are in space. It is evolution developed ability. However, this logic cannot be used for everything. People will remember where is something if they use it frequently. However, that exact ability will help them to overlook something they placed on their desktop yesterday as their attention will quickly move to only frequently used items. Literally, if you created a new document yesterday on your desktop just to remember you should start working on it, it is very likely that you won’t notice it there. That’s why Desk & Archive goes with one dimensional desktop. By default, they are ordered by date modified of the item. So, your newest work in progress item will appear on top. And that is exactly what you need in order not to forget

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