Adding the Language Pack

To create a speech Share to speech requires the proper language pack to be installed in Windows.

Language packs are installed in Region and Language Settings. There are several ways to show this page:

  • Using the Settings charm – first open PC Settings by clicking “Change PC Settings in the bottom of flyout”, then from the left sidebar select “Time and Language” and after Time and Language page appears chose “Region and Language” from the same sidebar.
  • Using the Search charm – start to type “Region and Language Settings” and chose it among search results.

In Region and Language page find the Languages section and see if the required language is listed there. If the language is not listed there, click on “Add a language” and select language from the page that is opened.

After this, the required language should be listed in the Languages section. Find it and click on it. Click on the Options button that has appeared, which will open the new page. Find “Download” button placed below “Download language pack” there and click on it. Wait for the language pack to be downloaded and installed before sending the same query to Share to Speech. Note that the internet connection is required to install a language pack.