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    Posted on January 15, 2013 by ivanadmin in Desk & Archive.

    Many people said they liked Desk & Archive, but wanted to install it on USB drive as they take all their files and applications with them. So, during the 1.0.2 release cycle, we were also focused on building all necessary changes to release Portable version of the application. However, the point was not to release something that is just original Desk & Archive app that works portable drive, but to add all necessary changes to make it feel like at home.

    Desk & Archive takes a lot of notes about your file system, which is very problematic if you use portable disk – it would just wake on a new computer with totally different disks, and even its own portable disk may have different drive letter. Obviously, for some things, there is no possible help – if you have your bookmarked file on the previous computer, but not on a new one, you are just out of luck. But I believe most issues were handled properly, which just means user might not ever be aware that those issues actually exist.

    Other than that, default Desk definition is changed – if you work on your USB drive, it is likely that your Desk is the root folder of your portable drive without its subfolders. It is similar for Archive. Sure, as always you can customize those Items collections the way you want.

    Desk & Archive Portable v1.0.2 is available for download at: http://www.deskandarchive.com/programs/Desk&ArchivePortable.zip. All you need to do is to extract it to your portable drive.

    Also, if you have purchased license already, and prefer Portable version, you can use the same license, just first unregister your desktop version.

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