• Desk & Archive v1.0 Released

    Posted on October 16, 2012 by ivanadmin in Desk & Archive.

    On October 16th, after more than 2 years of development and 6 months of beta testing we are proud to announce the launch of v1.0.

    The application breaks apart with tradition of classical file managers which have more or less similar features. This brings a fresh and new approach to the problem. In parallel with that, we have shifted our focus to general users, the users that produce a lot of office documents and need some tool to keep up with their work.

    This is screenshot of application:

    Desk & Archive v1.0 screenshot

    We have introduced many groundbreaking, previously unseen features. Some of them bring fresh approach to computer software, other bring fresh approach to file manages. Currently, you can see more detailed information on Features section of the site. But as this section is going to be changed in future versions, here is a short list with descriptions:

    • Reinvented desktop for workplace – desktop is not any more one specific folder on your desktop where you put everything that you need which frequently results in chaos – new desktop may contain any number of folders, but all its different type of items have their own place – shortcuts for launching programs on launch bar, shortcuts for opening programs on sidebar.
    • One click archiving of finished items
    • Automatic tabs – tabs that open and close by themselves – one can forget on them until the time he wants to go to some previous location
    • Suggested tabs for copy and paste
    • Bookmarks and templates
    • Recent and frequent items lists
    • Easy multiple selection with checkboxes
    • Unobtrusive notifications with action buttons
    • Content preview with clickable links for subfolders
    • Smart sort which automatically decides which sort type is best for current view
    • Filter panel – for easy make of selections
    • Mouse and keyboard interactions improved

    We will blog about some of those features in more details, but also about some best practices on how to use this application.

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