• Document and Non-Document Reminders

    Posted on December 16, 2012 by ivanadmin in Desk & Archive.

    Desk & Archive is about making reminders to complete a task that have some document related activity as effortless as possible. The more time it is required for you to create the reminders, the less likely is that you will do that consistently – your mind will always say that you are wasting your time on unproductive task and that you will remember it anyway.

    The trick is that you do have to create the document, so why not to use it as a reminder? If you create every new document on your Desk, then your Desk is your to-do list. And you can include as many folders in your Desk as you wish, by default it is just Desktop folder. The only real effort is to click Archive button when you complete the task, or delete that document eventually. But cleaning your Desk brings the feeling that you are staying on top of your tasks, so it is very unlikely that you will skip this and find that it is worthless effort.

    But clearly, you have many other reminders in your life that have no related document. In general, you should try to handle them with minimal effort to. If they are email related, your email client might have similar Archive function (like Mozilla Thunderbird or Postbox, or Gmail). But if there is no way to make reminder creation automatic, you should still hold on to the easiest way. If you frequently use Desk & Archive, then create just one simple text document with task description as file name. If you need to write down something considering that task, just open that file. And when you complete it just delete it – or if it contains some info you expect to need in the future, then archive it.

    And that’s it! Make your life simple!

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