• Instant Paragraph Player

    Posted on April 25, 2014 by ivanadmin in Share to Speech.

    The Release 14 of Share to Speech adds one important feature: Instant Paragraph Player.

    It is enabled by default and brings two important benefits:

    • Speeches now start nearly instantly as no MP3 of the whole text is generated
    • Timeline is divided into paragraphs, so moving down the timeline won’t put you in the middle of the sentence

    However, there are some downsides of this approach:

    • The time length of the text is not exact, but is a result of approximation, though at least for English texts it shouldn’t deviate from exact time too much
    • If you are playing a speech in the background you might here some fade-ins in between the paragraphs.

    As some people might not like those downsides, old player is still available (which is now called MP3 Player), and you can chose your preferred player using Options flyout from Settings Charm – just set your preferred player under Speech Player.

    In future versions there will be some more improvements of Instant Paragraph Player.

    Screenshot of Instant Paragraph Player

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