• Office documents to MP3 support

    Posted on May 3, 2014 by ivanadmin in Share to Speech.

    Share to Speech is introducing support for text files, mostly important Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files. This is the first Windows 8 app that introduces support for reading those files aloud and converting them to MP3, and it does not stop there but also features complete system integration and experience you got used from Share to Speech:

    • File explorer integration – you can open a file with Share to Speech by choosing Share to Speech from ‘open with’ in the File explorer context menu, and you can even set Share to Speech as default app for opening of such files
    • Share contract integration – if another app is able to share text file, Share to Speech will be listed among apps on Share flyout
    • Opening a file from app with ability to chose ‘Speak now’, ‘Add to Now Speaking list’, ‘Create MP3 to listen later’

    Here is a live video of how opening .docx file works:

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