• Share to Speech and Surface are Perfect Pair

    Posted on April 7, 2014 by ivanadmin in Share to Speech.

    I was thinking about what would be a perfect hardware companion for Share to Speech, and after some thinking I am pretty sure it is Microsoft Surface Pro 2. Here is the list of reasons why it is better than many other devices:

    • It has USB ports – if you create MP3s it is likely that your best option to bring them to other devices is using USB ports, and most tablets lack one (they eventually have one in a keyboard if they are convertibles). Note that this should work on other models of Surface, too.
    • It has a good CPU – creating dozens of minutes of MP3s is pretty CPU expensive, and a machine that does that quicker is always more attractive.
    • If you have it, it is likely the device where you are reading articles. If you have a laptop, it also resolves two problems mentioned above, but in a multiple devices scenario, it is probably not the device where you read the articles. Clearly, Share to Speech has Share to other devices command which helps you to read the text on one device and create an MP3 on another, but it can never be as elegant as doing it on only one device.

    So, Share to Speech takes the effort to offer a good experience on all devices. But it seems that those people that have Surface Pro 2 will get the best of the best.

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