The price is always a delicate issue, so I believe it is a good thing to provide the reasoning and future plans for Share to Speech Cloud Service.

Share to Speech Cloud Service implies the monthly costs that at the end of the day must be covered by the revenue from the users. Those monthly costs depend on the number of users and their activity, but also there are some minimum costs that exist even with no user activity.

The current 0.99$ monthly subscription is aimed to cover the costs if there are at least 200 hundred users. That’s the number that is hard to achieve on the Windows Store – just few dozen of apps (not games) sell more licenses than that in a month. So I can’t put my expectations high, but I am ready and willing to offer significant discount for a yearly subscription (currently there is no such form as I have to decide on the pricing) if there are enough users of service – if all users of Share to Speech decide to use the subscription it will probably be just 0.99$.

While some apps charge fixed amount for syncing service, as explained above it is a short term strategy as it is hard to expect to cover lifetime monthly recurring costs by a fixed one time fee. I got positive feedback when I shared this reasoning with few users, so I believe that most users do support to have a sustainable service they can rely on in a long term, rather than having a cheap service that they might have to change every few years.