Share to Speech Cloud Services – Terms of service

Share to Speech Cloud Service (in further text: the service) requires a Facebook account to be used. Remarks

You can open the Facebook account for free. Currently there is the technical possibility to also support Twitter account, but for the simplicity it was omitted. The current implementation of Microsoft Account would require the user to log in every day so it was also omitted. If you want to provide the suggestions, you can use the contact form.

The service requires a subscription to be accessed during the period of 30 days priced 0.99$ in the United States. For other countries their correspondent local prices are automatically calculated by the Windows Store. Remarks

There might be significant yearly price discounts in the future. To better understand the reasoning behind pricing policy read this post

If the subscription expires, user data will be kept on the service for a reasonable time frame, but Labsii in such cases keeps the right to remove that data at any time. The termination or expiration of subscription doesn’t require Labsii to remove data from the service at any time. At the time the subscription is expired, the user cannot require any data from the service. The user may continue to use any data he has on his devices.

The service won’t give user data to any 3rd party unless it is required by the law or law authorities or unless the user have explicitly marked to require that or if user have entered data to the part of the service that is explicitly marked to use data in that way and this is not limited by eventual termination or expiration of the subscription.

Deleting data from the Share to Speech app doesn’t require the service to remove such data.

On non-PC devices data is synchronized to the service only when the application is visible – if only the sound is playing in the background there is no syncing.

The user acknowledge that the service might temporarily stop to work for various reasons (including, but not limited to problems in Microsoft Azure service or unexpected spike in the usage) and that you cannot hold Labsii responsible for that. Labsii will take reasonable efforts to restore the functionality of the service as soon as possible.

The user cannot hold Labsii reliable for any error or problem that happens during the use of the service. Labsii will take reasonable efforts to investigate any error report and try to fix it in reasonable terms.

There is no refunding for the subscription.

Labsii may terminate the service at any time. Users will be noted through the Share to Speech app 30 days before the termination.

The user is responsible for keeping his account and data secure. The account token and data may be stored on the user device in the Share to Speech app, and Labsii cannot be responsible for any access to such data by any software or person that has access to the device.

These terms may change by publishing the new terms on this page by Labsii.

The terms that are not regulated by the Terms of service are regulated by the law of the Republic of Serbia.