Speech Central macOS Help


How to import files?

In the Articles & Books page click on the ‘+’ button in the toolbar and then ‘Import File’.

How to import files from the cloud storage?

You need to install the cloud storage app on your Mac. They are usually available in the Mac App Store. After that the files from your cloud storage can be imported the same way as any other files – In the Articles & Books page click on the ‘+’ button in the toolbar and then ‘Import File’.

How to start speech for the imported item?

Double click on the item.

How to change the language of the item?

The language of the item is automatically detected based on its text. If the language is not properly detected it may be changed by right clicking on it and picking the proper language from the submenu More > Language.

How to listen to the headlines from web sites and add articles from them?

1. Select the Headlines page in the sidebar. Here you can add a home page or some other site section that contains headlines or site’s RSS feed using the ‘+’ button in the toolbar. You will see three options:

  • Popular Sites – first pick the category of the site (e.g. Sports, News) and then check all the sites that you want to follow from that category.
  • Web Site – find the site using Google, navigate to its home page and tap ‘Add’.
  • Type Address – type in the address of the feed or web site to add it

2. Tap on the item and the app will start to read the headlines from the page

3. To add linked articles right click on the paragraph and pick “Add to Articles & Books” from the menu.

How to add voices?

Use the System Speech Preferences, click on the ‘System Voice’ popup button and pick ‘Customize’. Please note that Siri voices are allowed to be used only in apps made by Apple.

Some apps install voices that can be used by Speech Central.

Can I use Siri voices?

Apple restricts Siri voices only to the operating system functions. This is done to protect the user privacy as the user might be sharing his private data with Siri. While this sounds reasonable Apple has already proved that such risks can be managed by implementing the mechanism in which an app asks the user for the permission to use a potentially risky resource. Please encourage Apple to implement such mechanism by sharing your feedback using the Apple’s feedback assistant. In the header press the icon to start the new feedback, then pick ‘macOS’, and then mention that you would like Apple to implement the mechanism that would allow you to give apps permission to use Siri voices.

Also you may want to sign the petition that asks Apple to improve on this.

How to use the app in an accessible way?

The app supports dozens of keyboard shortcuts including various capabilities to navigate forward or backward in the content. All shortcuts are displayed in the app menu.