• Standard multiple links sharing format

    Posted on October 9, 2014 by ivanadmin in Share to Speech.

    This is a proposal for the standard multiple links sharing format. Currently a Windows app can share only a single link. I had received user requests that they wish to receive multiple links in my app (Share to Speech Windows 8.1 and Windows phone), and made draft proposal now open to public debate.

    My idea is that a multiple link sharing should be based on sharing an html (StandardDataFormats.Html). To mark intent to share multiple links, the app should place the following tag in the header of the html code:

    <meta name="sharing" content="links">.

    If that mark is included, all <a> tags in the document will be considered as shared links. Other tags may be ignored by receiving app, but they might have the use for additional formatting for the apps that will continue to receive this as an html text (like Mail or OneNote).

    Currently I have a promise from one top developer that he will support this standard, but I am looking for more wide feedback and support – possibly there could be better ideas or some more details to add that might be useful for some specific apps. So please comment what do you think about this, what is your app and how it may affect it.

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