• The Story of Desk & Archive

    Posted on October 27, 2012 by ivanadmin in Desk & Archive.

    Now here is a short story of how it all started.

    I was working on some job of business-administration type. I felt like Windows explorer was lacking things, but other file managers like Total Commander were both complicated and mostly stuffed with the things I didn’t need in my daily activity, or didn’t need at all, like FTP or extensive archive support, etc.

    So I decided to build something for myself. But not just me, but for many people that would need something like this – file manager that has more features than Windows explorer, but the features that you are going really to use, and readily accessible.

    And so basic concept started to unroll. Every idea that I had I tested in my real work environment. I searched for inspiration everywhere – from the web to email clients, and finally to my own thoughts of bringing something previously unseen Many things needed to be adopted to work as they should. Some ideas even had to be abandoned after failure to work in practice. Finally, I came with something that I passionately use every day.

    I hope that you all will enjoy it, same as I do.

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