• Use Desk & Archive – desktop and your files with your cloud

    Posted on February 14, 2013 by ivanadmin in Desk & Archive.

    Many people today are using Dropbox, Skydrive or Google drive, or another cloud storage provider. As users roam across the devices, it is a nice thing to have files in cloud synchronized to the local machine. However, at least in the current generation, it is not possible to sync Windows desktop across devices – not to mention that other devices like mobile phones usually don’t have a desktop or even file managers at all.

    Desk & Archive has customizations of its list paths, so it can be easily set up to work with cloud providers. Here is how you should transfer your Desk & Archive into cloud (you might also decide to move just Desk and keep Archive locally in some cases if your Archive takes too much space, and you want to access only Desk folders across devices):

    1. Open your Archive list. Use Items>Select all to select all files.
    2. Click copy on commands bar to copy all files to Clipboard (if you don’t want to keep them in old folder but to move them, chose cut).
    3. Create folder that will be your new archive on your local Skydrive, Google disk, Dropbox or other folder
    4. Chose Items>Edit items list to open dialog to edit folders included in Archive. Remove all current folders and chose to store Archive in folder created in step 2
    5. Click paste on commands bar to paste files you have copied in step 2 into your Archive folder on cloud
    6. Open your Desk folder and repeat steps 2-5

    This was an explanation in the case you have only one folder included in Desk and also only one folder in your Archive. If you had setup more complicated environment, it would take some more steps to reproduce it in the cloud, but in that case you should just follow the same rules you have followed when creating such environment.

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