• Version 2.0

    Posted on July 17, 2013 by ivanadmin in Desk & Archive.

    Version 2.0 comes with a lot of improvements. The biggest news in this release is the introduction of Smart tags. As known from other applications, tags are great for tracking things across different folders. However, “Smart” means there is some more than that:

    • Reminder tag – tag may have a reminder attached to it;
    • Snooze tag – tag may disappear after some period of time (especially useful with Exclude tag);
    • Tag chain – track items across phases, so that removal of one tag automatically adds the next tag;
    • Automatic next tag – after a click or after some period of time item gets the next tag;
    • Item lists upgraded with tags – a tag may be included or excluded from the item list.

    Interface was changed so that tags may fit in it, and for a cleaner design overall:

    • All segments are available under the same treeview, which includes previous tabs, suggested tabs, and it also contains a new section for tags.
    • Tabs are renamed to Tabbed history, and tab may be further expanded to see Item lists it contains. There is a new option to set minimal number of tabs that never get into Old history.
    • Suggested tabs are renamed into Contextual folders, and they are more useful now – if there are no contextual folders for current location, it shows folders that are frequent or recent destination in copying or moving on the application level.
    • Pinned is a new node where pinned item lists are stored, advantage is that they may be collapsed now.
    • Tree view icons and designed is accommodated for better spotting the hierarchy, and overall cleaner design.
    • Disks node has Collapsable option from the contextual menu, which may be used to keep it always expanded if that is preferred.

    A lot of bugs have been fixed, stability is significantly improved, and you should notice significant performance boost with this version.

    To quickly overview new version, see videos at Features page.

    Also, all users of the version 1.0 may use their keys for the version 2.0, so this upgrade is free for them!

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